About the Art

Eve Online inspires me. The incredible work that the talented artists at CCP Games have built into the universe of New Eden inspires me every day. As an artist, my challenge is to translate that inspiration into art pieces that express and expand on the world they have created over the past twenty years.

This time lapse video showcases a recent Vexor illustration I created in Illustrator. This is essentially the technique I most often use, either in Illustrator or Photoshop.

Deeper Dive

The first piece of digital art I created was back in 1983 when I animated a Star Wars logo on a PC in High School. A few years later my friends and I discovered a way to "scan" art into a dot-matrix printer using Apple Paint on the original Macintosh. Since then I've been working digitally non-stop for graphic design, art, logos, advertising, video editing, and more.

When I started playing Eve Online I created pieces for our Alliance forums, signatures, banners, and propaganda for wars. And eventually my first Alliance logo. In 2014 I began experimenting with painting spaceships in Illustrator. I tried a lot of techniques over the course of creating nearly 200 original spaceship illustrations, some of which became the posters that CCP sold starting at Fanfest in 2015. 

As I work primarily digitally to create my art, I work exclusively on an iMacPro. I also use a Wacom CintiqPro32 which is connected to my iMac. For most projects it all begins with a pencil and paper, sometimes I scan those into the computer to use as a guide or starting place.

I use Adobe Creative Studio. Typically I paint in Photoshop, although the Vexor video above was painted in Illustrator. All of the "Art Print" spaceships were created this way in Illustrator and finished in Photoshop. I've been using Adobe software since Beta and once served on the Adobe Advisory Board - so I'm extremely comfortable with them. Old habits and old dogs.

I started my career as a graphic designer working in art studios so that history follows me everywhere, my art is equal parts illustration and design. I'm not just trying to create an interesting illustration, but also a pleasing design as well. Marrying those disciplines together effectively is what challenges me, mastering new techniques, and constantly pushing myself in exciting new directions.

I hope to continue to add new pieces in the coming months and look forward to your feedback, comments, and suggestions. Thank you.


To see more of my work visit my Flickr Portfolio or my Adobe Portfolio

Zappy Boiz_ Edencom Propaganda Poster.jpg
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