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About the Artist

Bryan Ward, known as Rixx Javix in Eve Online, has been a creative & marketing professional for over thirty-years and an Eve Online player since 2008. He has worked directly with CCP Games on many projects over the years and is now proud to offer his art exclusively as an Officially Licensed Partner.


Eve Online inspires me. The incredible work that the talented artists at CCP Games have built into the universe of New Eden inspires me every day. As an artist, my challenge is to translate that inspiration into art pieces that express and expand on the world they have created over the past twenty years.

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Zappy Boiz_ Edencom Propaganda Poster.jpg
CCP Guard Rock God Poster.jpg

This time lapse video showcases a recent Vexor illustration I created in Illustrator. This is essentially the technique I most often use, either in Illustrator or Photoshop.

My Story

I've been playing Eve Online since 2008. Since the beginning I've been creating art based on the game and in 2015 I worked directly with CCP Games to release eight posters based on my spaceship illustrations, a series of Frigates and Battlecruisers featuring some of the most iconic spaceships in Eve Online. I've worked directly with CCP on many other projects over the years, including my Freaky Frigates Collection which is currently being sold on the Eve Store, and the Community Beat branding that CCP uses regularly to communicate with players.

I've also created more than 1,200 Alliance logos, blog banners, podcast graphics, tournament graphics, and more for the Eve community over the years. It is impossible to go anywhere in the Eve community without seeing my work, from Streamfleet, Broadcast4Reps, Open Comms, Eve Universe, The Meta Show, and hundreds more - my work is an integral part of the community.

In-game I am known as the Pirate Lord of Low Sec and serve as the CEO of Stay Frosty, the largest independent group of Pirates in the game, as well as Alliance Executor for the A Band Apart Alliance. I also organize some of the largest events in Eve Online, the most recent 8th Annual Frigate Free For All set numerous records and resulted in over 20,000 PvP explosions during the six hour event.

In real life my name is Bryan Ward and I've been a professional creative and marketing leader for over 30 years. In the nineties I worked as Creative Director for Marvel/Fleer Entertainment and designed many of the famous card sets during the golden age, such as Fleer Ultra, Marvel Metal, Marvel Masterpiece, and many others. I also helped create, develop and design the Marvel OverPower card game.

In 2001 I founded and ran a creative agency called Giant Ideas which gained an international reputation and served clients from around the world. WIRED Magazine once called it, "The agency with heart." due to my commitment to non-profits and charities. We even once pitched CCP Games. Since I closed the agency in 2012 I've been a consultant and Chief Marketing Officer for a wide variety of companies.

Over my career I've won many awards for creative and marketing excellence including numerous International Webby Awards, Telly Awards, Addy Awards, Mark Awards, and too many more to mention here - including the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. I've served on several Boards including a six year stint as a National Vice President for the Muscular Dystrophy Association during which I helped create the Pittsburgh Muscle Team - which raised nearly $4 million to help fund important research. I currently serve on the Board of Directors for a non-profit that helps people manage their finances and debt issues.

My Wife and I enjoy traveling to Eve events and have been to Iceland & Fanfest many times, as well as Eve Vegas, Eve Amsterdam, Eve North, and even on an Alaskan cruise with other Eve players. We also host an annual player meet at our home called Steel City Eve, which recently celebrated its fifth year this past Summer.

We currently live outside of Pittsburgh, PA with our family and our cats.

Contact & Connect

I'd love to hear from you, so be sure to check out the Contact & Connect page for more ways to stay in touch.


If you'd like to see more of my work please check out my portfolios on Flickr and on Adobe Portfolio

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