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  • Artwork Previews
    I am limited by the shopping module I use on the size and quality of the preview images shown on the website. To help alleviate that I have created an album of all illustrations over on my Flickr account - you can find that album by clicking here. There you will find larger images that show more details on the posters featured here.
  • About The Phone Cases
    I'm sorry if your phone is unavailable. I am limited to the phones shown on the site. I do hope the offering will be increased in the near future, but there is nothing I can do about it. I've personally been using the Astero Tough Case since it was available and I have had no problems with it. Unlike the rest of the work on this site, the phone cases are printed using Dye Sublimation printing.
  • About The Metal Prints
    The metal prints are amazing! Almost half my orders are on metal and so far I've had nothing but extremely positive feedback from all my customers. They really are printed on aluminum dibond and the sheen is incredible.
  • Pricing
    The prices you see on the website are in USD. Because I am located in the US. Price variations between similar items are due to paper stock choices or size differences.
  • Out of Stock
    Due to the current global shipping and inventory issues certain items will sometimes be out of stock. If you order something that is out of stock please feel free to contact me directly and I can help you find a solution. I can alter your order, cancel your order, or find another solution for you. I'm always happy to help with any issues you may have.
  • Issue with Your Order
    If you ever have any issues with your order please contact me directly with your order number and several photos that help show your issue(s). I am more than happy to help you resolve any issue that may have happened with your order. If you have ordered a framed piece please be careful to inspect all pieces contained in your shipment. Posters are often contained in separate packaging that can look like protection for the frames.
  • International Shipping
    My products are shipped from over 30+ locations around the world, depending on the product you order. Our pieces are produced as close to you as possible to alleviate expensive International Shipping rates, taxes, VAT, customs, etc.
  • Shipping Tracking
    When you order you will receive an email with shipping information and tracking (Depending on the shipping service you selected). If you have any issues you can always email me directly with your order number and I can help you track your package.
  • Product Quality
    All products are printed on-demand when you order. All artwork is produced at print quality and never printed at lower than print quality. I have chosen the paper that each product is printed on carefully to best present my artwork.

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Mistakes happen. If you are having an issue with a print you received send me an email at and include the name on the order, which print it is, and a photo of the issue.

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