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Who I Am


I've been a creative my entire life and a professional creative for the past thirty odd years. Artist, Writer, Producer, Creative Director, Editor, Visual Effects, Motion Graphics, Web Design, Logos, you name it and I've probably been paid to do it. I've never been a big believer in labels, they seem confining, limiting and non-creative. I prefer breaking down barriers.

What I Do


I create images. Sometimes I draw them, sometimes I paint them, sometimes I use a computer, or photoshop, or illustrator, or a wacom tablet, or something else like a doodle on a napkin. And sometimes I might use all of them. For me it is the end result that matters, the image itself, and I'll use whatever I have to use in order to create it.

What I Believe


I have a real passion for genres. I sold my first Iron Man drawing in fifth grade and haven't stopped since. I believe in collaboration and in the creative process, of exploring new worlds both imaginary and real. And in the way things are done and how they are used. I'm excited every single day about what might happen next.

How I Work


If you have a project or a commission you'd like to discuss drop me a line anytime and we can talk about it. I'm open for anything, the more challenging the better. I've worked in comics, trading cards, commercials, storyboards, illustration, posters, just about anything you can imagine and would welcome the opportunity to work with you on your next project.

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Bryan Ward

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